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Monday, March 8, 2010

Thing 1, Thing 2, Or Does Horton Hear a Who?

Who doesn't just love Dr. Seuss!?!? Here are some fun ideas to really embrace the creativity of Dr. Seuss into your party!

The party should be decked out crisp red, blue and white! Polka dots, striped and solids work well for this theme. Each table in the room can be decorated for you favorite books, as well as foods inspired by different stories!

1) Serve devilled eggs with green filling! (Green Eggs & Ham)

2) Find your local teacher supply store for Dr. Seuss signs and wall hangings! You might also find pencils, bookmarks, or other items that make great favors!

3) Decorate cupcakes in red wrappers with blue fluffy cotton candy on top. (Thing1 Thing 2)

4) Use mint savers and red gummy savers in an alternating pattern (two of each) to look like the Hat from The Cat in the Hat. Set them on top of a white covered cookie-- maybe a white chocolate covered chocolate cream cookie. These can be used to decorate the top of a cupcake, or just as cute snack!

5)Stuffed animals that are Dr. Seuss themed are often sold at Kohl's department store. Also, look at garage sales, toy stores, and remember to ask all of your friends---especially those with kids! These can be used to enhance an adorable centerpiece.

6) Borrow, buy or check out Dr. Seuss books to set up around the room!

7) Buy a set of Dr. Seuss stickers or print off small pictures of themed graphics and create picks for food or cupcakes by adhering them to toothpicks.

8) Fluff, boas, and cotton balls in blue or pink can be used to create the idea of Horton Hears a Who or Thing 1 Thing 2.

9) Paper lanterns or balloons can be hung from the ceiling for dramatic polka dots! Also, scrapbook paper can be cut into various shaped circles and set on the table around the centerpiece.

10) Companies such as Oriental Trading sell hats that look similar to the "Cat in the Hat" Hat. They would make cute party favors! Or could be used as decor!

11) A fish bowl of sweedish fish or a similar candy could be used for "One Fish Two Fish."

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