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As a recent college graduate preparing to be a teacher and a recent bride, I'm learning how to live in a limited budget. In the process, I've had to find money saving tips & ways to re-use common items, create cheap lesson plans, cook inexpensive meals, design DIY wedding projects, and more. With the economic situation that many of us are in, I think we can all use any ideas that people care to share, and that's exactly what I want to do-- share my own ideas and those that I've found in my searches. I hope you find this blog useful and share it with others.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Strike! Slamdunk! Goal! A Sports Themed Baby Shower

Dribble into a great baby shower with these tips and ideas.

1) Use green table cloths on tables. For a football field or soccer field, use white ribbon to create the look of the lines. (You can straight-pin, hot glue or double-stick tape the ribbon down). Use gold table cloths to create a basketball gym floor. Use a large marker or electrical table to create the lines..

2) Serve ballgame inspired food-- hot dogs, chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc.... but hold the beer!!

3) Shop for supplies during Easter, Superbowl, or the sports season. You can find cups, plates, napkins, sports equipment, baskets, etc.

4) Decorate with sports equipment, baseball for favorite teams, fake grass, whistles, pennants (make out of felt or scrapbook paper--- write the baby's name, "baby boy," or "baby ________" as the team name), sports bottles, megaphones, etc. Shop at teacher supply stores for wall decor!  Add a touch of baby by adding tiny tennis shoes, ball caps, soft/plush sports ball, or small baseball bats.

5) Decorate cupcakes to look like various shaped sports' balls, or make a sheet cake to look like one! You could also make a simple sheet cake to look like field or floor and buy cheap sports figures from the children's toy section to decorate.

6) Make the invitation inspired by a trading card. A picture of the ultrasound or the mommy's belly on the front, with the "stats" or party details on the back!

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