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As a recent college graduate preparing to be a teacher and a recent bride, I'm learning how to live in a limited budget. In the process, I've had to find money saving tips & ways to re-use common items, create cheap lesson plans, cook inexpensive meals, design DIY wedding projects, and more. With the economic situation that many of us are in, I think we can all use any ideas that people care to share, and that's exactly what I want to do-- share my own ideas and those that I've found in my searches. I hope you find this blog useful and share it with others.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Money Saving Tips for Christmas...

I know it's post-Christmas, but put the ideas from this blog in a file somewhere to use for Christmas 2010...Print it, Bookmark it, or take notes from it...

As a young woman staying on a budget, here are some hints to helping save money at Christmas time---

1. Try going green- Save money on postage and Christmas cards by creating a multimedia card and displaying it online for all your family and friends!

2. Re-use last year's Christmas cards--
---Make new gift tags with a part of the picture
---Use them as a writing prompt for students
---Frame and mat them as artwork for your home
---Cut them in half and use the top half as a new "Christmas Post-Card" (it even uses less postage!)

3. What to do with those scraps of wrapping paper that are too small to wrap even a small gift with?
---Roll them around a roll of paper and secure with a small piece of tape. This will keep the roll closed and keep it from getting ripped and wrinkled.

4. Keep the tissue-- don't toss those sheets of tissue paper, they can be folded up and put in a box or bag for next year! If they're too wrinkled to be used in gift bags or in a gift outside of your own home, they can at least be used for a gift to your child or spouse... or as packing!! There's no need to waste a new piece of tissue paper as packing next year!

5. Save money on gifts--
---Do all you can the day after Thanksgiving when the sales can save you money.
---If you won't be seeing the gift recipient until after Christmas, wait to shop! Buy what you can when things go on sale again between Christmas and New Years..
---Make the gift... Sometimes a gift from the heart means most... Try baking cookies, framing photos, making a scrapbook or personalized ornaments, inviting the recipient to spend one-on-one time with you, or personalized coupons... You can also learn a trade-- knot a scarf or paint a picture...
---Shop online! Try
---Suggest a Secret Santa or Dirty Santa to save on gifts in the workplace or within a group of friends...
---Buy early... When the weather starts to get cold, start brainstorming ideas... When you're out shopping, pick up a gift here and there.. Put it away to make sure you can find it when you need it!
---Shop at Craft Fairs or Thrift Stores... They usually have great buys that are unique!
---Let's be honest... Re-gifting is always an option! Just make sure that you keep track of who the gift came from!

6. Create a budget-- and stick to it!

7. Do some shopping at stores that give the shopper "in store cash."
---For example, Kohl's gives $10 of Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent. It's not year-round, so you have to do your research to find out when the deal is going on...

8. Cut down on the cooking-- instead of cooking a full Christmas dinner, try going smaller-- soup and sandwiches? Or maybe a potluck dinner is the way to go for your family..

9. Decorate on a smaller scale-- Try using ribbons, wrapping paper, pine cones, and other cheap Christmas related items.
---Framed wall hangings can be wrapped to look like Christmas presents instead of buying Christmas themed wall hangings.
---Search Craigslist for used decorations..
---Everyday candles and decorations can be spiced up with a large fabric bow, sprigs of flowers or greenery, ornaments, cinnamon sticks, and more... Get creative! Use what you have!
---Put un-used ornaments to use... Fill a cake stand, large vase, punch bowl and more with ornaments, greenery, or pinecones...

10. Swap with family and friends... Take those unwanted gifts, decorations and supplies. Create a large swap with a group-- take wrapping paper, recipes, ornaments, re-giftable gifts, and anything else you no longer want....... someone else might want them!