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As a recent college graduate preparing to be a teacher and a recent bride, I'm learning how to live in a limited budget. In the process, I've had to find money saving tips & ways to re-use common items, create cheap lesson plans, cook inexpensive meals, design DIY wedding projects, and more. With the economic situation that many of us are in, I think we can all use any ideas that people care to share, and that's exactly what I want to do-- share my own ideas and those that I've found in my searches. I hope you find this blog useful and share it with others.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Lil' Pumpkin- An Autumn Themed Baby Shower

1) Create a darling baby face on a pumpkin, cut out a mouth and insert a pacifier, add a bow or hat on top and you have an adorable pumpkin centerpiece or decoration. Photo by Thrifty Fun.

2) Cut holes in the top of a pumpkin and gut it. Then insert a bowl into the hole. This can be used a "cooler," chip bowl, punch bowl, etc.

3) Sprinkle the tables in rich autumn leaves-- whether silk or real.

4) Rust, Red, Gold or Brown table cloths will create a dramatic atmosphere in the party space.

5) Incorporate hay, mums, gourds, leaves, coffee beans, seeds/beans, corn, or sunflowers.

6) Serve drinks out of mason jars, or use them as centerpieces. They can also be hung from ceiling, arches, or hooks by wrapping wire around the rim and create a large hanger.

7) Serve warm cider, pumpkin pie, zucchini bread, and other delicious fall favorites.

8) Burlap is a cheap way to create a table runner, or to wrap around potted plants. Add a beautiful satin bow and you're good to go! BVWeddings

9) Create a pumpkin shaped cake with two bundt pans, and an ice cream cone as the stem. Check out the first few cakes here.   You may also consider skipping the cake and just serving pies! Delish

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