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As a recent college graduate preparing to be a teacher and a recent bride, I'm learning how to live in a limited budget. In the process, I've had to find money saving tips & ways to re-use common items, create cheap lesson plans, cook inexpensive meals, design DIY wedding projects, and more. With the economic situation that many of us are in, I think we can all use any ideas that people care to share, and that's exactly what I want to do-- share my own ideas and those that I've found in my searches. I hope you find this blog useful and share it with others.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bzzzzzzzz! A Bee Themed Baby Shower

For the "Baby-to-Bee" that is as "Cute-as-can-Bee," try a bumble bee and honey theme. It's especially cute if the baby's name will begin with the letter B.

Check out: Sweet T Events for photos of a baby shower that used this theme on a tight budget.
1) Create a bee-hive out of a balloon, yarn or streamer, and store bought bumblebees...

2) Serve food on yellow supplies with black tableclothes, or vice versa.

3) Serve honey themed, yellow or "B" foods (Brownies, bagels, biscotti, banana, brocolli, beans, berries, etc).

4) Create a yellow and black candy buffet. Jelly beans, black licorice, lemon heads, lemon drops, oreos and others will make a great selection.

5) Embrace rich black, white and yellow fabrics. Check out toile or damask. Add yellow grosgrain ribbon for a nice accent.

6) A beehive shaped cake will be the hit of the party, especially if surrounded by bee cupcakes or cookies.
7) Add yellow and white flowers or poms to centerpieces. Make it even more fitting by adding small bees to the flowers.

8) Teddy bears can be used to create a honey themed centerpiece. Buy a small wooden pot at a craft store, fill with yellow hot glue, add a small twig as a stir stick, and attach a bumble bee or two.

9) Find great craft ideas here.  The balloon bumblebees are adorable!


  1. This is SO adorable and really inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. You are so welcome! When it comes to party planning, I will hunt and hunt for days through all of the blogs and websites that have pages fit for the theme, so I decided to collect ideas from all around and put them all together.... It's as much for me as for everyone else! :)

  3. Here's another page of mine. It's full of photos that I've saved, but forgot to keep the information for reference.

  4. Do you have step by step instructions on to how to make the yellow flowers attached to pom with the little bee glued on to the side? I want to make it, but not sure how to go about it

    Thanks so much

  5. I assume that the pom is just a tissue paper pom only opened and fluffed to one side. I would attach it to a base of maybe cardstock and glue the ribbon tails on under the pom, with a safety pin on the back.