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As a recent college graduate preparing to be a teacher and a recent bride, I'm learning how to live in a limited budget. In the process, I've had to find money saving tips & ways to re-use common items, create cheap lesson plans, cook inexpensive meals, design DIY wedding projects, and more. With the economic situation that many of us are in, I think we can all use any ideas that people care to share, and that's exactly what I want to do-- share my own ideas and those that I've found in my searches. I hope you find this blog useful and share it with others.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Care for a Cup of Tea? A Tea Party Themed Baby Shower

1) Shop local thrift stores for as many of the items you'll need as possible.
        - Pick up mismatch tea cups, plates, sauces, teapots, crystal, cake stands, etc.
        - Look around for old bedsheets in vintage patterns. Of course, check for cleanliness and quality. Be    
           sure to look for toile or any pastel floral print.

2) Doilies and lace at place settings or with centerpieces add an old-fashioned feel.

3) Use soft pastels for dishes (whether real or disposable), flowers, invitations, and other details for the party.

4) Use cake stands, oversized tea cups, teapots and more create beautiful centerpieces. Fill with flowers, bows, etc. A Bloom in Time

5) Beautiful cloths or wallpaper can become a table runner. Wedding Bee

6) Turn over women's hats and fill with flowers and/or baby items.

7) For a whimsical feel, add dragonflies, butterflies and bumble bees.

8) A few coordinating candles and create a warm atmosphere for your tea party.

9) Add a few rabbits, pocket watches, & butterflies to connect your shower to the famous movie.

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