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Friday, August 14, 2009

Re-Arrange a Room

With all the decorating shows out there that demonstrate how you can spend $500, $1000, or even $5000 to re-do a room, many of us having the desire to re-decorate a room in our home--if not the whole house. Well, let's be honest--- who has that kind of money to spend?? Not many of us! With that being said, let's see how the furniture you already own can be re-arranged to form a room with a different feel, a different flow.

The size of this room is quite unique. It's a lengthy room with three doorways- the front door, an extra wide doorway to the dining room, and a doorway to the hallway and stairwell. The furniture in the living room consists of two identical couches, a TV table and tower, one recliner, a glider rocker, and a few end tables.

Before the room rearrange, all the furniture was along the outside walls, making an open walk way and room, but not a very warm or "home-y" feeling space. By pulling the furniture up and creating a room divider with one of the couches, the size of the space utilized as a living room decreased and all walkways through the space were eliminated. By doing so, the atmosphere of the room was changed, just as the home owner wanted. Also, an entry way and designated walkway through the room was created- rather than having numerous walkways through the living space.

The couches were placed in an "L" shape with an end table in the corner of them. One of the end tables (with extra storage inside and shelves on the front) was able to be used as a coffee table in front of the couches. The TV table and tower were slid into a corner to make the most of that odd sized space, and the recliner was able to fit snuggly into another corner. The glider rocker, an end table and a sofa table all fit into the new "entry way" to create a more welcoming space.

All wall hangings were able to keep their location, except for one shelf that has to be relocated due to a walkway being created in the area where the shelf was at head level. The new "coffee table" was decorated with a simple place mat (found on clearance), basket and candle holders (found at a yard sale) that the homeowners already owned. A bouquet of bright flowers were put on the end table just inside the front door to offer some cheer for incoming guests. The family's willow tree figurine found a new location on display in front of a display of candles (found on clearance racks and at yard sales.) Due to a small child living in the home, several items had (and others will soon be moved) to find home on shelves out of reach.

I hope this room makeover can be inspiration for you if you've been wanting to try something like this also. Good luck with your re-arrange and be sure to comment and tell me all about it!

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